CS:GO streamer RandomRambo highlights the solo queue struggle during hilarious match

Joe O'Brien. Last updated: Jun 14, 2019
L: Twitter @RandomRamboTV, R: Valve

After finding himself in a FaceIt CS:GO match with uncooperative teammates, Twitch streamer RandomRambo perfectly summed up the solo matchmaking experience.

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RandomRambo is a CS:GO streamer who plays at the highest level of the third-party matchmaking leagues, the FaceIt Pro League and ESEA Rank S, but that doesn’t save him from the dangers of solo queuing that many CS:GO players will be familiar with.

Anyone who’s spent any time playing solo in CS:GO has likely experienced the occasional match in which your team simply refuses to cooperate. Some would perhaps even argue it’s the norm rather than the exception.

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Far from working together to defeat the enemy, it’s not uncommon for teams of unfamiliar players to turn on each other when things aren’t going well, in most cases only hastening an eventual loss and bad experience all around.

For those playing in Europe in particular, such scenarios can be even more difficult to deal with, as you may not even speak the same language as your teammates, dashing the already slim hopes you might have had of calming things down and returning to productive communication.

Unfortunately, CS:GO matches with unknown teammates aren’t always so harmonious.
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While streaming a FaceIt match on CS:GO, RandomRambo was unfortunate enough to end up in a game in which everything went wrong. Both teams ended up with a bot, but as RandomRambo’s switched to the T side the squad devolved into heated arguments and trash talk between the players.

Resigned to his fate, RandomRambo expressed his feelings on the situation by playing Disturbed’s cover of “The Sound of Silence”, moving to stand in a corner and putting on his best 1000-yard stare. Only a slow zoom and fade to black-and-white could have possibly added further emphasis to the point.

While the obvious solution to these scenarios is simply to mute your team-mates, it’s not exactly a perfect option. CS:GO relies heavily on teamwork and communication, especially as you move higher up the competitive rankings, so the choice between arguments with the occasional call-out and no communication at all isn’t always so clear.