CS:GO Star Swag Shuts Down Comments About Him Sounding High: “I had a severe concussion”

Braxton ‘swag’ Pierce has revealed that he sometimes slurs due to a severe concussion as a child from “a bullet in the head”.

The former iBUYPOWER CS:GO star took to Twitter to say “love how everyone on Reddit knows my life more than me” before stating “FYI: when I was like 9 I had a severe concussion from a bullet in the head and since then I’ve had slurred speech and other symptoms”.

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The 21-year-old concluded by explaining that this is “probably why people think I sound “high” when I’m streaming That is not the case.”

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Members of the subreddit in question often joke about Brax sounding “high” or “stoned” when he is streaming or communicating with other players that stream.

The revelation about him having taken a bullet to the skull seems to have taken everyone by surprise, with one user saying “ not something I expected to see when I opened reddit. Is this his first public announcement about it”?

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Brax has gone into no more detail about the incident and how it occurred. It would appear that he did not want to disclose the information at all but got tired of seeing false narratives posted online and felt the need to clarify his situation.

Still banned from playing in Valve sponsored events after the iBUYPOWER match fixing scandal, the American star currently plays for Swole Patrol alongside the likes of Ryan ‘freakazoid’ Abadir and Omar ‘MarKE’ Jimenez.

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