CSGO reveals brand new logo amid Source 2 update hype

Calum Patterson
csgo new logo

The official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Twitter page has updated its banner once again, this time revealing what appears to be a brand-new logo, as the community waits for confirmation of a Source 2 update or beta.

Throughout the month of March, there have been numerous leaks and rumors about an impending Source 2 update for CS:GO, potentially with a beta.

The strongest indication we had was from veteran esports journalist Richard Lewis, whose sources said a beta for ‘Counter-Strike 2’ would release in March, or April 1 at the latest.

There has been no confirmation from Valve itself, but new trademarks for Counter-Strike and CS2 were registered by the company.

On March 21, the official Twitter page updated their banner, revealing a new logo that said ‘CS’.

Immediately, players began to speculate that this logo will be used as the new logo for the game, potentially rebranded to simply ‘Counter-Strike’ along with the Source 2 update.

There’s also no doubt that CS:GO knows the community pays a lot of attention to their banner. Previous updates have set off lots of rumors and speculation, and at one point, they even added a note saying “It’s just a banner. Promise.”

So, using the banner update without an official announcement is clearly another deliberate move to ramp the hype machine up – if it wasn’t already at full speed.

Valve is also set to speak at the Game Developer Conference soon on March 21, with some hope that more details will be revealed there.