TimTheTatman begs Valve to stop teasing Counter-Strike 2

TimTheTatman disappointed on stream.YouTube: TimTheTatman

As Counter-Strike 2 rumors intensify, TimTheTatman demands clear communication from the social media team.

After years of leaks and rumors of a long-awaited Counter-Strike sequel, it finally feels closer than ever. Sources told veteran esports journalist Richard Lewis fans could expect to play a beta version of the game as early as March 2023. Lewis’ report sparked a series of teasers and rumors.

The official CS:GO Twitter account responded to multiple tweets, discussing Source 2. On March 21, the account ramped things up by updating its banner with a new logo. Fans speculated that the logo will be used as the new logo for the sequel.

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Some community members can’t wait much longer amid consecutive days of being teased.

TimTheTatman demands more clarity from CS:GO social media team

counter-strike 2Valve
Fans believe CS:GO 2 could be coming soon.

Many know TimTheTatman for his Call of Duty content, but he poured countless hours into CS:GO during the early stages of his streaming career.

Tim was a member of the CS:GO community during its heyday in the early 2010s and still revisits the game occasionally.

On March 21, TimTheTatman responded to the CS:GO Twitter page changing its logo.

“I don’t know who is on this account, I hope you are having a great day. I need you to stop. I need you to communicate with me, please. You changed the banner, it looks like a brand new logo.”

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“Is it coming soon? Stop teasing me, please. Is it happening?”

CS:GO has responded to multiple content creators on Twitter over the past couple of days but has yet to respond to TimTheTatman.

Tim tried his best to bait the social media team into revealing more information, but we will still don’t know much about the highly-anticipated sequel.

We will provide an update if CS:GO responds to Tim, but for now, all fans are eagerly awaiting new info to finally drop.

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