CSGO pros answer: Who is the best IGL ever?

CSGO Pros Answer Who is the BEST IGL EVER YouTube ThumbnailDexerto

There’s no doubt that gla1ve is one of the best IGLs to ever play CS:GO — but what makes him so successful? Here, some of the top names in Counter-Strike break down the secrets behind his incredible success.

Ask any pro who the best CS:GO IGL of all time is, and one name always rises to the top: Astralis mastermind Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander. Instrumental to the org’s success, he and coach ‘Zonic’ revolutionized the way Counter-Strike is played.

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Dexerto asked fellow superstars Karrigan, Stanislaw, tabseN, and even gla1ve’s teammate Xyp9x exactly why he is the best in-game leader in the CS:GO business.

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