CSGO pros answer: Who is the best IGL ever? - Dexerto

CSGO pros answer: Who is the best IGL ever?

Published: 9/Oct/2021 18:17

by Julian Young


There’s no doubt that gla1ve is one of the best IGLs to ever play CS:GO — but what makes him so successful? Here, some of the top names in Counter-Strike break down the secrets behind his incredible success.

Ask any pro who the best CS:GO IGL of all time is, and one name always rises to the top: Astralis mastermind Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander. Instrumental to the org’s success, he and coach ‘Zonic’ revolutionized the way Counter-Strike is played.

Dexerto asked fellow superstars Karrigan, Stanislaw, tabseN, and even gla1ve’s teammate Xyp9x exactly why he is the best in-game leader in the CS:GO business.


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