CS:GO pro s1mple hits out at Twitch after confirming cause of ban

Kamil Malinowski

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev has taken aim at Twitch following his ban from the streaming platform.

S1mple is widely considered to be the best CS:GO player in the world, and occasionally streams his practice on Twitch.

He was banned on the streaming platform on August 13 for reportedly using a homophobic slur while joking with one of his teammates. On August 14, he issued a response.

DreamhackS1mple is considered to be one of the best CS:GO players of all time.

“Twitch is a joke, sorry for such hatred @Boobml4CS” said the Ukrainian, who seemed frustrated with the reasoning behind the ban. He also attached a picture of the reason behind his ban, confirming it was due to using a homophobic slur.

Na`Vi’s star player also had a bit of fun, joking about the ban the day before, saying: “Get Twitch Ban – Complete.”

Twitch have yet to comment on s1mple’s ban, however, they generally do not issue statements on channel removals, so it is likely the Ukrainian will simply have to do his time and stream when his ban expires.

News of Oleksandr’s ban spread around the community like wildfire, and just a few hours after his channel was removed, other pro players and Twitch streamers were talking about it. Esports insider Rod ‘Slasher‘ Breslau was one of the first to find out the reason behind the ban, sharing it on Twitter.

Community members did not seem to be offended by s1mples language, and one user even made a meme video about it, however Twitch themselves are strict about these rules, and have punished him nevertheless. 

Due to the ban and the upcoming StarLadder Berlin Major, it is unlikely the Ukrainian will be streaming anytime soon, as he does not generally stream with big events around the corner.

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