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CSGO players use unconventional smoke physics to stun CTs on Mirage

Published: 22/Jan/2020 0:28

by Alan Bernal


It’s tricky for people to come up with new strats in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but a clever way to use smokes on Mirage is giving the community new ideas to take the B site.

While Valve’s FPS franchise is 20 years old, Mirage was added to the CS:GO map rotation in 2013 and since then, players have combed every corner of the map to find the most effective smokes to execute a plan.

Every now and then the community finds a new way to perform a known smoke or the like, but this time, using a bit of CS:GO’s known physics, Reddit user -zix might have found a useful way of obstructing CT’s trying to defend or retake B.


Valve via Dailymotion
Players get really creative with smokes, especially on the open map of Mirage.

There’s a way of smoking arches on B that lets people block out anyone looking from Cat directly into the site. Even though these smokes cover the arches, there’s still a gap that lets players peek into the Window as T’s flood out of it.

Well to prevent that from happening, user -zix got a little crafty and threw a smoke inside of Kitchen just to the right of the refrigerator.

Unlike precise Grenade throws that people are used to, this general toss to the Kitchen floor results in a plume of smoke that leaks to the other side of the wall.


Could this be usefull? New meta b take? from GlobalOffensive

From a player on Cat, this results in a mid-air cloud that completely blocks the view into the B site and even Window, less they walk up to arches in order to get a vantage point.

But even then, all it takes is a quick flash out of the Window as the T’s execute their plan to completely blind anyone there.

The ingenuity of the smoke had some members of the CS:GO community impressed since they hadn’t thought to use the utility in this way before.

-zix via Reddit
Getting a smoke snug next to the fridge and the wall lets it bleed to the other side of the wall.

“Map has existed for 10 years and I’ve never seen this before. Damn,” one user said.


But some players were worried that a three-smoke commitment to block out Catwalk would be too much.

“Seems like a lot of smokes to use for a B execute,” user ‘LANGEw0w’ said. “Especially if you want to smoke market window and market door also.”

-zix via Reddit
The plume of smoke is enough to cover the view into Window from B, a standard angle for CT’s on Cat to keep an eye on.

A way to cheat this a bit to take out one grenade from the equation would be to use the Kitchen smoke shown combined with a smoke toward Short Cat from the top of B stairs. Players should note that this doesn’t account for someone already on the ‘GeT_RiGhT’ spot near arches, but a Molotov would take care of that.


In either case, the smoke can be used to throw a wrench in the plans of CT’s, and is an easy tact to remember for anyone to add into their arsenal of strategies.