CS:GO players have discovered a way to fly with new in-game bug

A new in-game bug has been discovered in CounterStrike: Global Offensive that is allowing players to hover above the ground.

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Reddit user ‘Mr_VirustYT’ posted a clip online about what players need to do to activate the effects of this bug, and the process seems simple enough.

Essentially, two players on the same team need to sprint at each other on a straight line and jump and the same time so their bodies collide midair. 

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This then connects the two players midair and allows them to stay well above the ground, although it appears that the two cannot move and are stuck at the spot that they collided.

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The video below shows both the player’s first person perspective and a side view for what needs to be done for the new flying bug to be activated. 

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It appears that the only way this flying effect can be stopped is by eliminating one of the two players, as their body dropping to the floor disconnects the pair and causes the surviving player to do the same

As the video shows, the players are able to clearly turn and look around from their midair position, although whether or not they can actually fire their weapon remains unclear.

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However, shooting may not be a priority anyway when taking advantage of this bug as it would more likely be used to boost teammates and give them access to ledges and areas that would otherwise be unreachable. 

Boosting is a tactic used in CS:GO that allows players to reach otherwise inaccessible lines of sight, such as the infamous Olofpass boost used by Fnatic against LDLC.

Funnily, the comments section under the Reddit post was filled with references to Fnatic using the Olofpass boost to beat the old LDLC team during a major tournament, a massive comeback win that was eventually cancelled and replayed due to the use of the exploit.

As rumor has it, Fnatic’s team managers learned the move from an online video and contacted the creators of the video and asked them to take it down so that the organization would stop receiving hate.

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While that rumor has never actually been confirmed or acknowledged, the hilarity of the prospect of it has been turned into a meme which users now use in their comments on videos of new bugs, exploits, and glitches in CS:GO.