CSGO players frustrated by annoying Overpass hitbox issues


CS:GO players are complaining about the hitboxes for the dumpsters on the A Site of Overpass, which aren’t matching up with the in-game models.

Being able to peek around cover and shoot your enemy before they tag you is a key part of CSGO, but when the game itself throws a wrench into your plans, things can get frustrating quickly.

Located near the bank, the A Site on Overpass is filled with dumpsters, which provide ample cover, but also appear to be getting in the way of players.

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Site A on Overpass is causing players headaches with hitbox issues.

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Reddit user bustamasta found out just how infuriating the messed up dumpster hitboxes are when it cost them a kill during a round. As busta waited by the trash receptacle, it seems like they should have had the unsuspecting enemy dead to rights – that is, until they actually tried to shoot them.

They didn’t seem to be aiming at the dumpster itself, but most of the shots still reacedt as if they were striking the side of the container.

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This caused the enemy player to only take partial damage while busta – who had every advantage in the fight – ended up being the one eliminated.

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“I’m not as mad as I could have been,” bustamasta admitted on Reddit. “For once I know it wasn’t my fault I died.”

While the hitbox issues on the dumpster might be jarring, they’re far from the only spots on Overpass’s A Site, which has become infamous for problems just like this.

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The truck on A Site also loves to eat shots it shouldn’t be able to, along with most of the other vehicles and crates scattered around the area. Other players suggested that the entire map is riddled with hitbox issues and other problems, with one user calling it “outdated and janky.”

Overpass is infamous for the hitbox issues with its terrain.

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Overpass was CSGO’s first new defuse map and was designed specifically to be used in competitive play, but some players obviously think it’s time for a major rework.

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If Valve has any plans to retune the classic setting though, they haven’t shared them with anyone else, so be sure to watch your corners the next time you find yourself near a dumpster.

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