CSGO pistol skin sells for over $1000 because players call it the “p**sy pattern”

Calum Patterson
five-seven kami 909

A skin for the five-seven pistol in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has fetched a very pricey sale, because of what is dubbed the “p**sy pattern”, a very rare but desirable pattern, for obvious reasons.

Skins in CS:GO can reach very high prices as they can be traded between players’ accounts or sold on the Steam Community Market. You can see the most expensive skins in CS:GO here.

Each skin has 1000 possible patterns, meaning two of the same ‘skin’ can look very different. That’s why, for example, the AK-47 Case Hardened with pattern ‘661’ sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars – because this pattern has more blue on it than other Case Hardened skins.

This time, another CS:GO skin has sold for a steep price, and for a pistol no less, because the particular pattern, players believe, looks like a vulva.

The rare Five-Seven CS:GO skin

This particular Five-Seven skin is called the ‘Kami’, and as a pattern-based skin, there are 1000 variations of it.

But one variation, with pattern number 909, is considered the best, or most valuable, because of what appears at the back of the weapon.

Dubbed the “p**sy pattern”, the design lands on the weapon in such a way, as to create… well, whatever this is.

On Twitter, CS:GO skins trader pops confirmed the sale, for €1,300 ($1,430 USD). This is the third-best-condition version of the 909 Kami Five-Seven, which will also increase its price slightly.

The buyer, a collector called Leafy, then applied four Cloud9 Katowice 2015 Holo stickers, worth around $350 each, meaning the total cost was around $2700.

The 909 Five-Seven was made most famous by Twitch streamer ohnePixel, who of course owns his own one too. His also features four Katowice 2014 Dignitas stickers, worth around $600 each.

Although $1,400 pales in comparison to the prices of the truly high-tier items in CS:GO, it’s still significantly more than a normal Five-Seven Kami, which you can buy for around $1.

CS:GO skins have been increasing in price a lot lately, following the announcement of Counter-Strike 2, coming in Summer 2023.

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