CSGO Operation Riptide battle pass details: cost, rewards, missions

CSGO Operation Riptide battle pass detailsValve

Operation Riptide has added a hit of new content to CS:GO, and the best way to access it all is with the battle pass. We’ve got the lowdown on all the new rewards, missions, and how much it’ll set you back to make the most of the expansion.

Christmas has come early again for CS:GO players with Operation Riptide launching on September 21 to much fanfare.

There’s an abundance of new content: Game modes, skins, maps ⁠— even a new weapon. However, if you want to make the most of your CS:GO experience, getting the battle pass is the way to go.

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Here’s what you need to know about Operation Riptide’s battle pass in CS:GO, including how much it costs, the missions and rewards on offer, and just how long you have to grind.

How much does the Operation Riptide battle pass cost?

The CS:GO Operation Riptide battle pass will set you back $14.99 USD, but if you want to get the most out of the event.

You need the Operation Riptide pass if you want to complete missions and earn progress on your coin. After all, you only get the coin after coughing up some cash. You can always choose to buy it later on once you do a few missions and get your stars backdated though.

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You get access to a catalogue of rewards to tap into, including some of the new agent and weapon skins. Plus, some of the new Operation content is gated behind the pass ⁠— so if you want to try it early, buy it early.

CSGO Operation Riptide coinValve
The CS:GO Operation Riptide coin is one of the game’s snazziest.

Upgrading your Operation Riptide Coin

Once you buy the Operation Riptide pass, you get an equippable coin dropped right into your inventory. If you play CS:GO across the event, your coin will level up from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Diamond.

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You level up your coin by completing missions and earning stars. You can earn a maximum of 10 stars a week towards your coin ⁠— even if there’s more stars on offer in that week’s objectives.

  • Silver Coin: 33 stars
  • Gold Coin: 66 stars
  • Diamond Coin: 100 stars

So, if you play your cards right, you can have your Diamond Operation Riptide coin in time for Christmas come 10 weeks from now!

CS:GO Operation Riptide missions

Once you buy the pass, you can start grinding out the missions. Each week, Valve will drop anywhere from six to eight new missions worth between one to three stars. Obviously, the more stars on offer, the more effort you’ll need to put in.

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The missions will typically focus around the new content, so you’ll likely be thrusted into different game modes and maps and forced to use different guns from your typical Competitive experience.

CSGO Operation Riptide week 1 missionsValve
New CS:GO missions will drop weekly during Operation Riptide.

What rewards are in the Operation Riptide battle pass?

The stars aren’t for just leveling up your Operation Riptide coin. You can cash them in at the in-game shop for a bunch of goodies.

Unlike progress towards that Diamond Coin, there’s no cap on the amount of stars you earn each week ⁠— if you complete all the missions, you’ll get all the stars. Spend them wisely!

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  • CT Master Agent skins: 25 stars
  • T Master Agent skins: 25 stars
  • Superior Agent skins: 10 stars
  • Exceptional Agent skins: 7 stars
  • Distinguished Agent skins: 5 stars
  • Selected skins from new collections: 1 to 100 stars
  • Operation Riptide case: 2 stars
  • Operation Riptide patch: 2 stars
  • Operation Riptide sticker: 1 star
  • Riptide Surf Shop sticker: 1 star
CSGO Operation Riptide shopValve
Earn stars to spend in the Operation Riptide shop.

CS:GO Operation Riptide end date

CS:GO’s Operation Riptide will run from September 21, 2021 until February 20, 2022 ⁠— a total of 152 days.

Players will get new missions weekly for the first 16 weeks, so be sure to check back each week so you can get the stars you need to grab that Diamond Coin.

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