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CSGO players pull off mind-boggling five-man runboost on Nuke

Published: 12/Mar/2020 4:25

by Andrew Amos


Seeing a two-man runboost is pretty common in Counter-Strike nowadays, but one group of Russian players found a way to get all five players on a team to swing around a corner and surprise their enemies on Nuke.

Runboosts have become part and parcel of CSGO. Being able to send a player on a huge swing through a corner and surprise the enemy can be the difference between winning and losing a fight. It’s pretty commonly used in pro play.

However, while two or even three-man runboosts are experimented with, a five-man stack is almost unheard of. One group of Russian CS:GO players have managed to pull it off on Nuke though, even if it took a few attempts to master.


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The idea behind the five-man runboost is pretty simple, even if it looks confusing.

Prepping for the boost outside of T-spawn on the pathway to redbox, the group built a double-stack on the ground to start. Then, from there, one person climbed on top from T roof, while the other two flew in from Silo to get the full stack.

The thing with the five-man runboost is that it’s a lot simpler in theory than in practice. Coordinating the efforts of five people to move perfectly in unison is a lot to ask for, and such a runboost can very easily fail.


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However, after a few practice runs, they managed to perfect it to the level where the five-stack were happy to take it into matchmaking and confuse their foes.

CTs casually holding Outside didn’t even know what hit them when the five-man boost came rolling around the corner, much to the laughter of the players.

One player who was hit by the runboost in full force just stood in awe, not even shooting a shot as he tried to take in what behemoth just rocked around the corner.

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While the five-man runboost just crumbled, instead of launching each other past redbox into secret, it’s still a sight to see.


YouTube: Aveo
Talk about having weight on your shoulders.

If you want to try this runboost for yourself, it’s entirely doable, albeit very difficult. Assemble yourself a five-stack to start with, have a practice run on a private server, and if you are feeling confident after doing so, take it into matchmaking.

It might not be the most viable strategy, but it’s a lot of fun being able to pull it off and surprise your enemies even more than your conventional boost.