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“Game breaking” graphics glitch in CS:GO gives player the ultimate wallhack

Published: 15/Apr/2019 10:03 Updated: 15/Apr/2019 10:20

by Connor Bennett


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans have been left bamboozled by a wallhack-like error that allows them to see players, even if they are behind cover, for a brief few moments. 

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Valve’s popular shooter has stood the test of time since it’s release in August 2012, going from strength to strength while other franchises have tried their best to knock it off its perch.

While the title may not be completely flawless, it remains a fan favorite and a hugely successful competitive esport title. Yet, that might be somewhat challenged by a new graphical problem that’s allowing some players to see through surfaces, despite them not having any sort of exploit enabled.


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ValveCS:GO players shouldn’t be able to see through smoke grenades, yet, the new bug allows them to do so.

What is this new glitch?

One Reddit user, AleksanderBuljo, uploaded a clip to the CS:GO subreddit, showing off a glitch that allowed them to temporarily see through a smoke grenade.

Maneuvering into the A bombsite on Overpass from long, the player checked plenty of necessary corners before peering into the site. Once there, the graphics bug allowed them to see through a bloomed smoke grenade that had been placed towards the Truck position – spotting an enemy counter-terrorist repositioning themselves.

While AleksanderBuljo seemingly tried to use the strange error to their advantage, their search for a kill was halted as the opposing player gunned them down within moments of them exiting the fading smoke.


Gamebraking WH glitch from r/GlobalOffensive

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Other users offer up their insight

A number of fellow Redditors tried to explain the issue that the original poster described as “game breaking”, while others took shots at the user for potentially using exploits and trying to mask it as an error.

One plausible explanation, from user m1serablist, stated that it appeared as if the players GPU inside their PC was beginning to fail, causing errors in-game. The gamer also used a previous post from AleksanderBuljo that showcased another glitch, where their teammates had become invisible, as proof.

Others, including zestlemon, backed-up the GPU theory by adding that they had witnessed a similar error where parts of the map had become transparent – giving them a wallhack-like glitch. Yet, a few rounds into the game their GPU would fail and cause the PC to crash.


Will Valve respond with a fix?

Valve has yet to confirm how the bug actually occurred, so it’s not yet known if the error was on the side of the user or the game – even though it may seem like a cut and dry answer that it stems from the player’s end.

If it was to do with the game itself, then Valve would clearly have to recreate the error before sending out a fix to prevent it from appearing regularly moving forward as it could have major implications on matches – seeing as it appears to be a wallhack-lite.