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CSGO: EliGE explains why so many pros struggle with the Krieg

Published: 11/Sep/2019 16:21 Updated: 11/Sep/2019 16:59

by Kamil Malinowski


Team Liquid star Jonathan ‘EliGE’ Jablonowski has explained why he thinks other professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players “aren’t good” with SG 553, also known as the Krieg.

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EliGE is one of the best players in the world and has helped Team Liquid rise to the top spot in the CS:GO world rankings, and was named MVP at multiple events in 2019 and is an expert rifle player.

Particularly effiecent with the weapon, he was asked about the Krieg and explained how he was able to use it so effectively, while other players struggle.

DreamHackEliGe has lead Team Liquid to multiple CSGO tournament wins.
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“I’ve watched pros and it looks like when they want to start practicing the Krieg they go into Aim_Botz and start tapping with it. You don’t need to learn how to tap, you already know how to put your crosshair on them and shoot” said the Team Liquid star.


He was disappointed with most pro player’s practice, saying it’s practically the same as practicing the AK-47, as they’re only shooting the gun one bullet at a time.

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EliGE later said what players should be doing: “You should be practicing your spray control. You already know how to put your crosshair on their head, that’s not going to help you get better with the Krieg. That’s why there are so many pros that aren’t good at the Krieg.”

If recent experience is anything to go by, then players should be listening to the American, as he has been in red-hot form and is an avid user of the scoped weapon.


ValveThe SG 553, more commonly known as the Krieg, is a scoped rifle in CSGO.
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The reason some pro players are still struggling with the Krieg is due to how underused it was until late 2018. The weapon is only available on the Terrorist side, and players found the AK-47 to be vastly superior until a patch in October 2018.

This patch reduced the cost of the weapon, making it more affordable and thus giving the Terrorist side a viable scoped alternative to the AK-47. Many players were hesitant to try it at first as they had already put thousands of hours into practicing the AK, but some are now making the switch after realizing how powerful it can be.