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CS:GO Developers Respond to Neymar’s World Cup Flashbang Celebration

Published: 3/Jul/2018 11:40 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:06

by Ross Deason


The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive developers have responded to Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior’s flashbang celebration at the 2018 Football World Cup.

The Brazilian striker became the world’s most expensive football player in August of 2017 when he was transferred from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain for an incredible $263 million.

The 26 year old is widely regarded as one of the best players on the planet and helped Brazil to reach the quarter-final stage of the 2018 World Cup on July 2nd with a goal and assist against Mexico in the round of 16.

The star player has received some criticism so far in the tournament for his theatrical reactions when being tackled or fouled, but the PSG man believes that he is being singled out by opponents that are trying to put him off his game.

If his acting skills after a tackle are questionable, his flashbang dance skills are significantly more impressive. As a fan and player of CS:GO, the Brazilian has often incorporated Counter-Strike into his goal celebrations and this has not changed on football’s biggest stage at the World Cup.

One Neymar celebration saw him imitating the flashbang animation with his teammates and he even got a response from the game’s developers, who reminded him to “call out your flashes”.

While winning the World Cup would be fun, we personally think that Neymar will be more excited about getting a rare response from the CS:GO twitter!

Neymar and Brazil will take on a scary Belgian side on Friday, June 6th, for a spot in the World Cup semi-finals.


Olofmeister set for FaZe CSGO return amid NiKo exit rumors

Published: 26/Oct/2020 17:10

by Marco Rizzo


Olof ‘olofmeister’ Kajbjer is set to make a surprise return to the active FaZe CSGO lineup, right in time for the Blast Premier Fall 2020 amid rumors that Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač is headed to G2.

According to a report from cybersport.pl, olof will replace teammate Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač at the event as the latter prepares for a move away from FaZe Clan. It is unclear whether olofmeister will remain a part of the squad after the conclusion of the BLAST tournament. This will be the first official match that the Swede has played since he announced that he was stepping away from the game in May of 2020. 

The rumors of NiKo’s departure from FaZe have gained traction since September, with reports from HLTV and 1pv claiming the Bosnian star has agreed to join G2 and replace François ‘⁠AmaNEk’ Delaunay.  NiKo’s cousin, Nemanja ‘huNter’ Kovač, is also a member of the G2 roster and pair have always been linked with a move to team up at some point. 

Rumors were further fueled by a tweet from the mother of FaZe player Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David, after his team’s victory at IEM New York Europe. The tweet asked NiKo to “rethink some decisions” – possibly referencing his move to G2. 

Coldzera's mom asking NiKo on twitter to reconsider decisions
Screenshot via Twitter
Twitter’s automated translation read: “coldzera family asks you to rethink some decisions”

HLTV stated that the FaZe star and IGL was due to make his debut for the French-Balkan mix team during the Blast Premier Fall Series.

Reddit user BuKYSK posted a screenshot of a practice server, which seemingly shows a FaZe team practicing with olofmeister instead of NiKo, hinting at his departure from the organization. 

Olofmeisterstepped down from the starting roster in May 2020, citing a need to recover from fatigue. The announcement came after a series of disappointing tournament runs for the star-studded roster and especially for olof. 

NiKo playing for FaZe Clan at EPL Season 9 Finals
ESL:Helena Kristiansson
NiKo has been a part of FaZe clan since 2017 after joining from Mousesports

Assuming the move is confirmed, the match against BIG will be olof’s first professional match in six months. 

Despite claiming a victory at the European side of IEM New York, this iteration of FaZe has constantly failed to match the expectations set after the addition of coldzera.

Since the departure of Finn ‘⁠karrigan’ Andersen, the international superteam has not fielded a dedicated IGL, with NiKo attempting to shoulder the burdens of being the captain and star player. With none of the current FaZe players or olof being natural in-game leaders, the leadership question will continue to be the most pressing issue for the team if NiKo departs.  

FaZe Clan BLAST Fall Primer 2020 roster

Below is the reported FaZe Clan lineup for the BLAST event:

    • Håvard ‘⁠rain⁠’ Nygaard
    • Marcelo “’coldzera⁠’ David
    • Latvia Helvijs ‘⁠broky’ Saukants
    • Markus ‘⁠Kjaerbye⁠’ Kjærbye
    • Olof ‘⁠olofmeister⁠’ Kajbjer
    • Janko ‘YNk⁠’ Paunović (coach)