CS:GO Commentator HenryG Makes "Colossal Error" While Travelling to StarLadder Season 5 Finals

by Ross Deason


Popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive commentator Henry ‘HenryG’ Greer made a “colossal error” while travelling to the StarLadder i-League Season 5 Finals, losing a number of important items.

The StarLadder i-League Season 5 Finals started on May 28th with a Swiss Style group stage. The $300,000 event will conclude on June 3rd and features some of the biggest names in CS:GO, including Na’Vi, SK Gaming, and Team Liquid.


A high profile event with high profile teams usually means a high profile broadcast team will go along with it and it doesn’t get much more high profile than the likes of Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields, Sean ‘[email protected]’ Gares, Henry ‘HenryG’ Greer, Anders Blume and co.

Unfortunately for one member of the on-air talent, HenryG, the event in Kiev, Ukraine, got off to the worst possible start before the Brit even made it to the studio.


Taking to Twitter on May 27th, HenryG stated that he had made a “colossal error” and that his backpack had been lost or stolen at the airport after he had landed in Ukraine.

This left the former Counter-Strike: Source professional without his laptop, mobile phone, or even his passport, but he made it clear that the show would go on.


HenryG initially believed that there was no British embassy in Kiev but a series of replies to his Twitter post from Team Secret’s Director of Operations, Matthew Bailey, put those concerns to rest.

We wish HenryG the best of luck in recovering his missing possessions and urge anyone that might have heard anything to get in contact with him.