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CS:GO August 19 patch notes – quick fix to newly discovered Olofboost, autograph sticker fixes

Published: 20/Aug/2019 1:06 Updated: 20/Aug/2019 1:32

by Alan Bernal


The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive August 19 update will be introducing tweaks to some of the StarLadder 2019 Berlin Major stickers while implementing fixes to problems in Nuke and Overpass.

While pros are gearing up for 2019’s second Major CS:GO event, the devs behind the game are working to make the legendary FPS run as smooth as possible by fixing any and all kinks or bugs that may crop up from time to time.

Meanwhile, there’s been some apparent mix ups with signature stickers for the upcoming Major, but it looks like the developers are making steady progress of fixing the in-game items to better reflect what teams and players sent in.


ValveSeems like the new Overpass boost is out of the game already.

Revamped Olofboost is no more

It seems like the devs were also quick to take out the strange new ‘Olofboost’ that has been making its rounds in the CS:GO community.

The devs “recompiled Overpass” as they added a clipbrush to the back of A site which might prevent players from making use of the exploit that let them get crucial peaks into the B bombsite.

Valve was sure to get any kind of trickery out of the popular map before the Berlin competitions were set to get underway.

Berlin Major autographs cleaned up

The new update will be giving some players updated stickers seeing as older designs might have made their way into the game.


Players like Furia’s Yuri ‘yuurih’ Gomes, Vinicius ‘VINI’ Figueiredo, Kaike ‘KSCERATO’ Cerato, and Rinaldo ‘ableJ’ Moda as well as HellRaisers’ Kirill ‘ANGE1’ Karasiow and Greyhound Gaming Chris ‘dexter’ Nong all got updated stickers.

ValveThe Furia team’s stickers presented in-game after August 19 update.

The changes should now make the stickers properly reflect the signature and designs for their respective 2019 campaigns going into the Major.

Previously, people from orgs like Team Liquid and Greyhound expressed their confusion for the sticker mix up, and it looks like the devs are hearing the calls as they start to fix the problems.

To get the complete picture of what the August 19 update brought to CS:GO, check out the patch notes below.


Release Notes for 8/19/2019

2019.08.19 –

[ BERLIN 2019 ]

– Updated autograph stickers for dexter, VINI, ableJ, KSCERATO, yuurih, ANGE1.


– Updated Linux dedicated servers Steam Client layer to the latest version which significantly improves TCP reconnect timeout in case of upstream connection drop.

[ MISC ]

– Added client-side settings to limit incoming invite sounds: cl_invites_only_mainmenu, cl_invites_only_friends.

[ MAPS ]

– Recompiled Nuke to fix several lighting problems on static props.

– Recompiled Overpass with an additional clipbrush at the back of A site.