CSGO after the Astralis era | Richard Lewis reacts at ESL Pro League

Astralis CSGO Richard Lewis ESL Pro League

If Astralis’s era of dominance in CSGO is over, what can fans look forward to next? The greatest core to ever touch the game has been competing at the top for four years, but all things must come to an end. 

Richard Lewis​ says that it’s time to accept the reality of the situation, and for CSGO fans to begin to imagine a future without Astralis on top.

Back at the ESL Quarter Finals, Astralis took on FURIA and lost. FURIA, to Lewis, is a “hit and miss team,” calling them streaky, yet they emerged with a 2-0 against the previous top dogs. Taking them down with a 16-2 on Train, he adds that it was an “unbelievable scoreline.”

Though the fall of Astralis wasn’t a surprise to Richard — believing that it had to happen after four years at the top — they’ve done so much with their success to modernize the game.

Calling this a “true tragedy” for Astralis fans everywhere, it would be the end of multiple eras. At the finals of BLAST Premier back at the start of 2021, they lost to NAVI, and performed poorly at BLAST Spring, too.

Losing to NiP there, and ultimately being knocked out by BIG, they followed that up by finishing 5-6th at IEM Katowice. This is when a power shift within the scene began to emerge, and in the past couple of series, Lewis believes that they’ve lost their relevance, competitively, against their opposition.

Astralis’ untouchable aura has broken down, and where they go next at Spring Showdown and beyond is anyone’s guess.

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