Coldzera disables Instagram comments after teasing FaZe move with NiKo

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive phenom Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David is giving major hints suggesting his time with Made in Brazil (MiBR) might be coming to an end.

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The struggles within star-studded MiBR must be a strange and frustrating ordeal for the group consisting of top talents in all roles. While there’s been attempts to fix the lineup with stand-ins and trades, it hasn’t yielded them much success so far.

In their latest outing at the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals, the MiBR squad were only able to place in 7-8th place being ousted 2-0 to eventual champions Team Liquid. While the team wasn’t playing with new signing Lucas ‘LUCAS1’ Teles, the results didn’t stop Coldzera to start “seeking a new challenge.”

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ESLThe Brazilian superstar is looking for a new org to compete with.
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A cryptic message…

FaZe Clan fans might be excited at the prospect of Coldzera moving on to a new org, especially after a cryptic Instagram message to his audience has jump started a slew of possibilities in the rumor mill.

“Let us remember the inner man is always renewed,” Coldzera said on his post. “The fight enriches you from experience, pain enhances your emotions and sacrifice tempera your character. The Red Spirit suffers constant transformations on the outside, in order to acrisolar and enhance inside.”

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Then speculation was heavily swayed to Coldzera one day joining the ranks of FaZe when Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač replied with a “#FaZeUp” which caught the eye of the Brazilian star. Cold later went on to disable any replies in his post, denying the community an outlet for speculation as the silent wait begins for a possible change in teams.

While it would be incredible to see dominating starpower like Niko and Cold at the core of an already stacked lineup, questions still remain as to who would lead them in the server.

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dankesponge via RedditThe replies to Coldzera’s Instagram post are sending CS:GO fans in a loop.
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“I don’t see how this makes FaZe that much better unless they get a proper in-game leader (igl),” Reddit user ‘stillah’ said.

Not forgetting that Coldzera has IGL’d in the past, there would have to be some adjustments from either player or team if he does end up in FaZe.

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The move has been an exciting prospect that would add yet another star to the FaZe constellation.

Even though there might be some kinks to figure out in a Coldzera-FaZe world it could definitely be a worthwhile experiment to try out for the struggling org.

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