Cloud9 continues colossal CSGO roster revamp with woxic & mezii

Alan Bernal

The new makeup for Cloud9’s CS:GO roster is taking shape as the massive rebuild has now added veteran talent as well as an up-and-coming star to the team.

New C9 General Manager Henry ‘HenryG’ Greer has been putting together a ‘Colossus’ by creating the org’s CS:GO team from top-to-bottom. The lineup will now include former mousesports star Özgür ‘woxic⁠’ Eker and young UK rifler William ‘Mezii’ Merriman.

C9 signed both players to three-year contracts on September 19, which accompany the deal given to Alex ‘ALEX’ McMeekin’s weeks prior.

“There’s also a lot of people who keep supporting me, and I’m really glad about that,” woxic told HLTV. “Whatever happens to me, wherever I go, these people change their profile pictures to support my teams. They just keep supporting me, no matter what, so I’m really happy to have them. I promise to them that I’m going to bring back the real woxic in Cloud9.”

After his time on mousesports, woxic will now join Mezii and ALEX on Cloud9.

Woxic signed a three-year deal valued at $1,650,000 with a $296,000 transfer fee to get him on the team in the first place. Meanwhile, Mezii was bought for $83,000 and a contract worth $426,000 through three years.

“Woxic’s talent was integral to mousesports’ run in which they put five trophies into their cabinet and once more established a winning tradition,” HenryG wrote. “A true LAN player at heart, his best has come out on stage, in the important matches and at critical moments that decide the outcome of a contest.”

That fills three of the five starting spots for C9. The org is expected to sign at least three more players; two to meet the required number of starters and an“active sixth player,” sometime down the line.

Meanwhile, HenryG will be injecting UK pride into the lineup with the addition of Mezii. The GM is excited to have the 21-year-old on the team, continuing the C9 tradition of betting on relatively unknown upstarts.

“Mezii is a player of rare dedication and possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of utility usage that makes this old colour commentator’s heart swell with pride,” the new GM said. “With this transfer, you can see my clear intention to develop the future of Counter-Strike along with securing the best players of today.”

Although Mezii will be the only United Kingdom representative on the team, the org has high hopes for him and will pair him with extensive veteran leadership to build on his skillsets.

Along with IGL ALEX and the UK closer, the C9 side already boasts significant firepower that will come together with renowned head coach Aleksandar ‘kassad⁠’ Trifunović leading them into this new era.