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Clever CSGO trick on Dust 2 will have your enemies kicking themselves

Published: 4/May/2020 5:16

by Andrew Amos


Dust 2 doesn’t seem like the best place to kick a football, but one CS:GO player has used it to his advantage, smashing it down into tunnels to act as a ‘wallhack’ for enemies pushing in.

Setting up a game of football during a CS:GO battle doesn’t seem like the best idea. Your teammates might get a bit angry with you shooting goals instead of heads.

However, with the right setup, you can use your football skills to leave enemies kicking themselves ⁠— by revealing their position well before showing themselves on your screen.

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While holding just outside of Tunnels, Reddit user Rospower kicked a stray football into the entrance. It may seem like a cheeky bit of fun, but this strategy could be one of the most clever ones you could ever look to execute.


Regardless of whether you are walking, running, or crouching, walking over the soccer ball will send it flying.

When the CT went to flush out T spawn, Rospower was able to see him coming from a mile away as the ball came flying back.

Using the football on dust II as a wallhack from r/GlobalOffensive

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They swung out onto the unsuspecting enemy, who was looking to just play a friendly game, and took him down. The play brought the round back from a 4-on-2 to a 2-on-2, with Rospower’s team mate getting another frag across the other side of the map.

The best part about this trick is it’s going to be so difficult to just walk past the ball without kicking it. “It’s so tempting to kick a football that’s just lying in your way, that everyone is gonna fall in this trap,” said one Reddit user.


Given you make no sound in setting it up, as long as the ball stops rolling before someone swings out on you, you can get an easy frag.


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The ball does spawn near T spawn, so you’ll need to get it down there in the first place to make the play.

Not only that, but now that a play like this is common knowledge, people are going to be aware. While you can pick your side to hold, just be cautious of getting baited yourself if you try to attempt this trick.