Boombl4 reveals talks to join G2 CSGO team

Alan Bernal
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Former Major champion Kirill ‘Boombl4’ Mikhailov confirmed that talks to join G2 Esports’ CSGO team broke down as the Russian pro looks for his next destination after NAVI.

After his sudden removal from NAVI back in late May, the 23-year-old has been fielding offers to see who he’ll join for the rest of the 2022 circuit. It wasn’t long after that rumors of a possible move to G2 gave way with the team finding itself in a state of flux.

The red-and-black are moving on from IGL Aleksi ‘Aleksib’ Virolainen by letting the Finish pro explore his options for a new home.

Now it seems as though there was mutual interest between Boombl4 and G2 Esports to join forces, but the two sides could not reach a deal that would satisfy all parties.

Boombl4 move to G2 CSGO breaks down

The former NAVI IGL shed more light on his offseason negotiations and revealed that he was indeed in talks with G2 CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez before coming to an impasse.

“There were a lot of conditions with relocation to another country, different taxes, other systems. I’d like to stay in Russia for now,” he said on an Aug 2 stream, translated by escorenews.

He continued: “It’s not about my love for some country or something, I just don’t really want to leave my circle. Without that, my morale…You will be burning out really fast, and won’t be able to recover that energy anywhere.”

Boombl4 and Navi captured the 2021 Stockholm Major trophy.

Boombl4 recalled talking to another G2 member about their remote conditions, noting the org previously gave competitors a choice of relocating to play out of Germany, Serbia, France and possibly Andora.

These options wouldn’t work with the Russian pro, who has deep roots in his home country with family, those in the local music industry, and more.

Boombl4 has previously expressed his desire to continue his music career while competing in CSGO at a high level, and is still on the lookout for a European contender to join.