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100 Thieves smash Isurus in outrageously fast CSGO ESL Pro League round

Published: 18/Nov/2019 6:55

by Andrew Amos


100 Thieves have produced one of the fastest rounds in pro CS:GO history after dismantling Argentinian squad Isurus Gaming in the ESL Pro League in 11 seconds.

The new look 100 Thieves CS:GO roster has been doing wonders for the organization already. With a second place at IEM Beijing, only losing to Astralis in the final, the Australian roster looks more geared up than ever to try and crack into the top five and pop their Major cherry.

With ESL One Odense on the horizon, the former Renegades roster were looking to cement themselves as one of the best teams in the Americas region when they took on Argentina’s Isurus Gaming in ESL Pro League Season 10.


Given the massive ranking difference between the two teams, with 100 Thieves ranked 6th in the world and Isurus 83rd, most people expected a swift 2-0.

However, the Aussies took the challenge a bit too seriously, wiping the floor with Isurus in one particular round that’ll go down in history.

ESL100 Thieves have taken up CS:GO speed running with this incredibly quick round against Isurus.

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In round 18 on Inferno, 100 Thieves were looking to clean up the Argentinians and head onto map two. Isurus’ backs were against the wall, down 4-13 and on an eco, deciding to rush down mid in the hopes of surprising 100 Thieves.

However, the Thieves could not be deceived, with a double nade stack from Jay ‘Liazz’ Tregillgas and Aaron ‘AZR’ Ward wiping out four of the Argentinians. Roberto ‘Reversive’ Themtham was the only Isurus player alive down in Banana, with the Aussies cleaning him up shortly after.


The dust settled with the timer stopping on 1:44, meaning that the round took 11 seconds to finish up, and the boys looked pleased with their efforts. For Isurus though, losing a round that quick probably wouldn’t have even hurt it’s a good way to reset the mental and get going with the game.

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While the round was fast, it’s not the fastest round in CS:GO history. That accolade goes to Ninjas in Pyjamas and mousesports, who hold the joint record for the fastest round in history at 9 seconds. 

Both of their rounds involved teams on ecos running it down mid on Dust 2 into a firing line of snipers and other rifles, making for easy pickings as they peeked through the double doors. 


This 11 second round from 100 Thieves is the fastest ever on Inferno though. The boys from Down Under dethroned Cloud 9, who held the previous record of 13 seconds set in 2017 against Ghost.

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It’s likely that this record will stay up for quite some time as it takes quite the unique set of circumstances to come about though. 

100T continued the onslaught, closing out Inferno 16-5 before moving onto Mirage. Isurus put up more of a fight there, but still ended up falling to the Australians 16-9, who have now secured a spot at the Pro League finals in Odense.