Valorant players want an agent inspired by Counter-Strike 2’s new feature

Sourav Banik
Valorant's Phoenix and Jett on the left and a player shooting a negev in Counter-Strike 2 on the right

Valve has finally revealed Counter-Strike 2 to the world and some Valorant players are looking enviously at one of CS2’s new features, suggesting it should be an ability.

After months of speculation, Valve is finally about to introduce a new era of CS this summer with the release of Counter-Strike 2. Among several new features that they revealed earlier this week, the new smoke mechanism has caught everyone’s attention. Unlike CS:GO, smokes in Counter-Strike 2 will be dynamic and react to factors like lighting and bullet penetration.

In Counter-Strike 2, you will be able to clear a part of the smoke by either firing a bullet or using utility like grenades. This new mechanism can catch an enemy off guard, giving your team an upper hand in return. The feature being unique, some Valorant players now want an agent equipped with the ability to clear smokes.

In a Reddit post, some players from the community were discussing how an agent with the ability to clear smokes would work out for a game like Valorant.

As we all know, smokes in Valorant look and feel different compared to Counter-Strike. In the former, they are circular, while the latter are closer to realism.

However, Valorant has KAY/O, an initiator who can suppress the abilities of opponents caught in the range of its signature ability, Zero/Point. In case a controller gets caught in its range, their abilities will be delayed, impacting their strat. This can somewhat be compared to the new smoke mechanic in Counter-Strike 2. Some of the community members also seem to be aligned with this point of view.

Even Shroud argues that KAY/O brings the CS:GO strategy to Valorant.

“I don’t think you can compare the two games when it comes to utility,” another player argued though.

The other half of the community thinks it would need a lot of testing if ever Riot decides to bring such a change to their popular FPS title.

“It would need a clear indication that it was happening so enemies can react,” one person suggested.

We must not forget that Valorant is a game with a ton of abilities while Counter-Strike is all about raw aim, gunplay, and proper utility usage.

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