Pokemon fan pulls off insane Mewtwo cosplay with full suit and lightning blue eyes

Lauren Bergin

One of Pokemon’s most iconic characters is Mewtwo, the misunderstood psychic villain. This Pokemon cosplayer, though, is breaking the mould by bringing Mewtwo into real life with an insane cosplay. 

Anyone who has ever seen the first ever Pokemon movie has a bit of a complex relationship with the title’s villain, Mewtwo.

Pokemon Go fans will possibly be facing down the iconic antagonist first hand, as a recent leak revealed that both Mega Mewtwo X and Y may be dropping into Niantic’s mobile title pretty soon.

While Pokemon Go is busy bringing virtual Pokemon into our real world, though, one cosplayer has gone a step further and created a Mewtwo cosplay that literally is the legendary creature.

Pokemon fan creates insane Mewtwo cosplay

Pokemon Fandom
If you didn’t cry during this movie we have to question if you have a heart.

Every single one of us has probably dreamt of either being a Pokemon trainer or, in some cases, being one of the mythical creatures themselves. Dutch cosplayer Willow Creative has done just that by transforming herself into Mewtwo.

Showing the whole process behind her transformation, she began by taking a 3D bodyscan to tailor the outfit correctly. Then, she went on to 3D print Mewtwo’s iconic furrowed brow.

A scroll through the images also shows off a more familiar version of the Pokemon world’s most confusing character, with its eyes glowing the ominous pale blue associated with its psychic attacks.


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A post shared by Willow Creative (@willowcreativenl)

Additionally, as this iteration of Mewtwo is from the legendary “Mewtwo Strikes Back,” where it’s pictured wielding a giant spoon, she’s gone ahead and fashioned herself some hefty cutlery to cause chaos with.


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A post shared by Willow Creative (@willowcreativenl)

We’ve seen a lot of Pokemon cosplays in our time, but never quite like this. Willow Creative is truly living all of our childhood fantasies.

This cosplay is legendary in ever sense of the word, and we Kanto wait to see what she comes up with next.

So who’s that Pokemon?! It’s Mewtwo — or, well, Willow Creative!

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