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MHA cosplayer sets hearts on fire with female Dabi creation

Published: 26/Mar/2020 1:27

by Virginia Glaze


With My Hero Academia well into its fourth season, fans are more excited than ever for further hijinks from their favorite heroes — but one creative cosplayer is giving some love to a villain, instead.

While My Hero Academia boasts a slew of memorable characters, its villains often steal the spotlight, with baddies like Himiko Toga and Shigaraki Tomura becoming fan favorites over the series’ lifetime.

However, one villain in particular boasts a swagger unlike any other: Dabi, a man with a patchwork body and a penchant for creating high-intensity flames that ruined Class 1A’s summer training program in the show’s third season.


Viz Media
Dabi is a member of The League of Villains in My Hero Academia, whose quirk allows him to summon devastating blue flames from his body.

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Although Dabi is a male, one cosplayer decided to put a unique twist on the character by gender-bending the villain — and the results are as hot as his flames!

Cosplayer ‘BloodRaven’ put her talents to the test to create a female version of the League of Villains member, making sure to stay faithful to his patchwork face, blue eyes, and leather jacket.

bloodraven, Twitter
Cosplayer ‘Bloodraven’ revealed her take on a female version of Dabi – and it’s strikingly accurate!

Using special effects, BloodRaven successfully replicated the staples that hold together Dabi’s face, which, along with the use of bodypaint and makeup, make for an impressively realistic take on the villain’s unique appearance.


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Where Dabi boasts a short crop of black hair, this cosplayer made his locs a bit longer, yet still manages to keep his “devil-may-care” attitude with its styling and her dramatic posing skills.

bloodraven, Twitter
Bloodraven captured Dabi’s likeness to a tee – complete with his blue eyes and intimidating presence.

Combined with the efforts of her photographer, ‘Rudyphototaker,’ BloodRaven truly embodies Dabi’s chaotic-yet-contained energy — and we’re so here for it.

BloodRaven isn’t the only cosplayer to put a female spin on the character, either; creator ‘Remy Domino’ likewise provided a similar take on the villain, opting for an 80’s style mussy mullet and even creating her own flames as props.

Remy Domino, Instagram
Cosplaye Remi Domino is known for gender-bending MHA’s male characters, as seen in her impressive take on Dabi.

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Having completed the School Festival episodes, My Hero Academia now looks toward reshuffling the series’ top-ranked heroes as the fourth season continues.

With so many gender-bent characters from the anime, we wonder what’s next from creative fans — perhaps a female Gentle Villain? We’ll let the creatives decide!