X-Men finally explains Ms. Marvel’s fate after controversial death

Christopher Baggett
Ms. Marvel in her X-Men costume

Ms. Marvel’s controversial death in Amazing Spider-Man was almost immediately undone. Now, in the wake of the Hellfire Gala massacre, X-Men explains how her death has been erased from the Marvel Universe.

The 2023 Hellfire Gala was a non-stop issue for fans of the X-Men, as it involved the death of most mutants and kickstarted the Fall of X event. For many fans, the biggest plot point going into the issue was the return of Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel. 

Ms. Marvel had died just a few months earlier in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man. However, when it was discovered that she also had a mutant gene, the X-Men stepped in to help. In the opening pages of Hellfire Gala, it’s revealed she was brought back using Krakoa’s Resurrection Protocols. 

While it was established that they could make it so Kamala’s family was aware she was alive, X-Men #25 finally explains how that happened. 

Ms. Marvel’s death is undone by the X-Men

Hellfire Gala established that Kamala had been dead briefly and that Emma Frost could make it so her parents weren’t aware of her death. In X-Men #25, we find out exactly what that entails. 

Shortly after the attack on Krakoa and the massacre of the X-Men, the remaining mutants and Ms. Marvel go into hiding. Emma, under the assumed identity of “Hazel Kendal,” escorts Kamala home and takes control of her family’s minds. She rewrites the last few days of their lives, leaving them with the belief that Kamala was on a school trip to Washington. 

Emma Frost explains how she made it so no one remembers Ms. Marvel's death.
X-Men #25: Emma Frost made everyone forget Ms. Marvel’s death.

It’s a fairly sweeping change. Emma also destroyed all evidence of her death, including a death certificate and the memories anyone may have had. So far as the world is concerned, Ms. Marvel never died. 

Kamala, however, is still deeply affected not just by the death but by the recent revelation of her mutant gene. Though her mutant power has yet to be discovered, she insists on remaining with the team of surviving X-Men. 

That Ms. Marvel’s resurrection has gone through so quickly and quietly is particularly interesting. When news of her death was leaked in May, it was a huge source of controversy among fans. Many were quick to point out the death felt shoehorned in. After all, she died in a comic she had barely appeared in, and none of her supporting cast was even present. 

Marvel made a pretty big deal about the death, including a highly-publicized memorial issue. But it also immediately undercut it with the announcement of both Ms. Marvel’s return and her new status as an X-Man

Regardless, Ms. Marvel is now both officially resurrected in every meaning of the word and an X-Man during one of the team’s most perilous times. It’s only a matter of time before she gets her new mutant abilities, which most fans expect will resemble her MCU powers

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