Uncanny Spider-Man #1 reveals first look at Nightcrawler’s Spider-Man in action

Uncanny Spider-Man #1 cover artMarvel Comics

Nightcrawler has always been a devoted member of the X-Men, but why has he chosen to become the Uncanny Spider-Man?

In the wake of Fall of X, the few mutants remaining on Earth are making do with what they’ve got. Iceman has become a superhero in his own right (though he’s slowly falling apart), while Wolverine is off on an adventure with Ghost Rider

Most mutants are lying low and in hiding, but many of them are still called to help other people with their powers. Chief among them is Kurt Wagner, better known as Nightcrawler. 

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Problem is, it’s hard for Nightcrawler to help people incognito. He is already pretty recognizable, given the blue fur and devil ears. He’s found a solution, and it may be the most unusual one yet. 

Uncanny Spider-Man preview pages reveal Nightcrawler’s Spider-Man

Preview pages shared by Marvel of Uncanny Spider-Man #1 give us the first look at how Nightcrawler is making do with the new status quo. He’s adopted a unique new costume and has begun masquerading as a superhero. 

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It’s unclear why, exactly, Nightcrawler would adopt a Spider-Man identity, but it seems to work. He’s already got many of Spider-Man’s mannerisms down. Of course, the native German is having some trouble with one-liners, it would seem. 

Uncanny Spider-Man #1 preview pagesMarvel Comics
Nightcrawler’s got most of the Spider-Man gimmick down in Uncanny Spider-Man #1.

Nightcrawler has always had a very fluid identity, whether he be a somber gymnast, a swashbuckling pirate, or a devout man of the cloth. Becoming a new Spider-Man doesn’t feel like that much of a stretch, but one has to wonder what the real deal will think about this – especially given how many other Spider-Men are currently wandering around. 

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Uncanny Spider-Man #1 hits stands on September 20. For more Spider-Man and comic news, be sure to follow our continuing coverage