Superboy just beat his new Vegeta in a sick Dragon Ball-style battle

Superboy #6 coverDC Comics

A Dragon Ball Z-style fight marks the end of Superboy’s latest series in an explosive fashion.

Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow has finally wrapped up its six-issue run, but the series is going out with a bang. More importantly, it’s going out with a big anime-inspired climax. 

The finale sees Superboy square off against a new villain, Cyborg Superboy. Cyborg Superboy is, in fact, Travv, a member of a rebel cell whom Superboy has been attempting to help. 

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It’s not gone well so far, with multiple fatalities, including a Green Lantern. Superboy seemed to have inspired the others to change their ways, but Travv merged his mind with a cyborg body at the last second, setting the stage for the all-new Man of Tomorrow’s biggest fight yet. 

Superboy and Cyborg Superboy square off in a Dragon Ball Z-inspired fight

Superboy vs. Cyborg Superboy has a lot of setup, but the actual fight is pretty brief. Most of the fight is Superboy trying to convince his allies to leave the fight. 

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Once the two actually get started, though, it ends pretty quickly. Cyborg Superboy almost immediately goes for his ultimate attack, but he doesn’t count on the ace up Superboy’s sleeve: his Tactile Telekinesis and sheer determination. 

Superboy vs Cyborg Superboy fightDC Comics
Superboy and Cyborg Superboy’s showdown draws inspiration from Dragon Ball Z

Superboy pushes back against the impossible in a page that is straight out of an episode of Dragon Ball. He pushes the blast back on Cyborg Superboy, laying out his foe but not killing him, just in time for the Green Lantern Corps to arrive and take custody of everyone. 

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It’s a big payoff for Superboy, who has spent much of this run at odds with his place in a universe that had forgotten him. In that sense, the issue takes inspiration from Dragon Ball Z in more ways than one, as Superboy’s ultimate victory comes after drawing strength from the sheer determination and hope of his friends and allies. 

The run ends with Superboy in a better place, but it also ends with the tease that Travv survived. All signs point to Cyborg Superboy, much like Vegeta, returning to terrorize Superboy another day.

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Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #6 is available now from DC Comics. For more Superboy and comics news, be sure to follow all our coverage

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