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ZooMaa Discusses Staying on FaZe, Why he Didn’t Move to OpTic, Black Ops 4 and More

Published: 2/Sep/2018 17:10 Updated: 3/Sep/2018 0:08

by Calum Patterson


FaZe Clan’s ZooMaa took to Reddit to answer questions from the competitive CoD community, touching on everything from Rostermania, his future with Faze and the upcoming season with Black Ops 4.

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With ‘Rostermania’ in full swing, ZooMaa’s FaZe squad is one of the few not expected to make any changes (although nothing is confirmed), and so was open to discussing with the community during some down time in the off season.

Many questions revolved around the rumors that he had been offered a spot on OpTic Gaming during the mid season roster changes in WWII, but the deal fell through. ZooMaa simply states, “there was a lot to it.”


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However, he does say that he think he would have been a better addition to the OpTic lineup than Anthony “Zinni” Methodz, who it was confirmed was not OpTic’s first choice.

When asked “Do you think you could have Improved Optic if you had joined instead of Methodz?”, ZooMaa says yes, because they “needed a playmaker.”


He also discusses which players and teams who he would like to play with/for, if he wasn’t with FaZe. 

His number one choice was 100 Thieves’ Kenny “Kenny” Williams, who in many fans’ eyes was the best player from the WWII season. He also said that 100 Thieves would be his desired destination – again only if he wasn’t staying with FaZe.


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As for now though, ZooMaa confirmed multiple times that FaZe Clan will be his team for the foreseeable future. 

He explains that being a part of FaZe brings a healthy family environment, and he believes that his roster is always pushing for championships.


He even thinks he could retire with the organization, but the future is always uncertain, especially in esports.

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Finally, ZooMaa also touched on the upcoming season and the what he expects from Black Ops 4. 


One of the biggest talking points has been the possibility of competitive play shifting to teams of five, rather than four. While this has been the hot topic during off season, ZooMaa says he isn’t fussed either way.



And if it does in fact move to 5v5, ZooMaa says FaZe Clan are well prepared, with potential fifth players in mind.

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So for now, FaZe Clan are set to stay as they are, and will have ‘plans’ in place should competitive Call of Duty move to 5v5.

He says he has no regrets over the move to OpTic not happening, for whatever reason, and is looking forward to a good year of Call of Duty esports in the 2019 season.

You can check out the full question and answers thread with ZooMaa on Reddit, with lots more answers about his come up in Call of Duty, and other fun topics.