FaZe ZooMaa reveals the most important step to go pro in CoD

FaZe Zoomaa celebrating at Call of Duty LANMLG

FaZe Clan streamer and multiple-time Call of Duty champion Thomas ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto has revealed the one main thing aspiring pros need to do to make the step up.

ZooMaa is regarded as one of the best CoD players of all time. Winning multiple championships before his retirement at the start of the Cold War season, ZooMaa will go down as one of the greatest players to end their career without a world championship win.

He rose through the ranks all the way back in Call of Duty: Ghosts and, like the rest of his peers, knows exactly what a player and team need to succeed.

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With the increased prize pools and salaries on display, many aspiring players are trying to figure out how they can go pro or the steps they need to take — and while the challenge is hard, taking the right steps is actually pretty simple.

LA GUerrillas v Seattle Surge at Call of Duty League LANRobert Paul for Activision Blizzard
Looking to compete for millions on the main stage? Better get grinding…

As ZooMaa says, the key is simply participating in tournaments, from 1v1 Gamebattles tournaments all the way up to Challengers LANs.

Answering a question about going pro in the upcoming 2022 release, rumored to be Modern Warfare 2 and with a two-year lifespan instead of just one, ZooMaa said that competing in tournaments is absolutely everything.

“Tournaments, tournaments, tournaments!” he exclaimed. “If you guys want to get your name out there, you want to be the next big thing, you’ve got to f**king make a name for yourself. Get into online tournaments, meet players, make friends. Make a team and make some noise in Challengers.”

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In his impassioned answer, ZooMaa said that many players simply “don’t want to put in the work,” constantly reiterating that grinding out tournaments and meeting new players is the best way to work your way up the ladder.

“This sh*t takes years and years of hard work, dedication, and grind,” he explained. “I’m telling you, this is the best advice you can get. Grind as much as you can.”