GTA RP streamer PENTA clashes with ZooMaa & CoD pros after heated incident


The Call of Duty and GTA RP communities got into a heated beef after former CoD star ZooMaa and roleplayer PENTA had a contentious interaction in-game, leading to a few rule breaks. 

It’s been almost a year since NoPixel 3.0’s update helped breathe a lease of life into the GTA RP community, with plenty of top streamers joining in the fun alongside some longtime roleplayers.

However, with plenty of new faces getting into the mix, there can be some issues as the likes of xQc, Trainwrecks, and GreekGodx have discovered – all picking up bans from NoPixel at one point or another.

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In the newest bit of drama, the GTA RP and Call of Duty communities have clashed after NoPixel veteran PENTA arrested former CoD pro Tommy ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto, and the FaZe Clan member wasn’t too happy about things.

NoPixel server GTARockstar Games
NoPixel is the most popular RP server for GTA.

PENTA & ZooMaa clash in GTA RP

The drama kicked off in-game on January 13 as PENTA, playing on his police officer character Wrangler, was alerted to the fact that ZooMaa’s character was lurking around an active crime scene.

As the cop character investigated what was going, ultimately placing ZooMaa under arrest for having his car on the wrong side of the road on a freeway. Though, things escalated as the officer’s search found a gun related to a crime in ZooMaa’s possession, as well as a silencer – which is illegal to have.

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ZooMaa was placed into the backseat of the police car, and was left there for a while, which appeared to cause some annoyance.

At the time the two came to shout about what had occured, the former CoD pro decided to quit out of the game and respawn elsewhere. After that, he took a car and returned to the scene, attempting to run over the police officers there. Both of which go against server rules.

PENTA receives threats over GTA RP

From there, things spilled out of the game and onto social media as the pair continued taking shots at each other over the contentious arrest and resulting interaction.

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Former Call of Duty pro Mboze jumped to ZooMaa’s defence, noting that there might be money on offer if a CoD fan wanted to “knock out” PENTA during his next IRL stream.

Of course, the GTA RP streamer highlighted that threat to the community, which prompted some laughs as well as a few follow-up tweets involving OpTic Gaming – who Mboze is still under the umbrella of as a content creator.

CoD & GTA RP communities beef over ZooMaa & PENTA

Other members of the CoD community jumped into the fray as well, including NYSL’s Crimsix and OpTic’s Hitch, who both exchanged online jabs with PENTA.

On the flipside, members of the NoPixel server jumped to defend PENTA amid all the madness, also taking shots at the competitive CoD scene in the process.

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With server rules being broken, there are likely to be repercussions. This can range from a loss in queue priority, making it harder to get into the server, to an outright ban.

Though, that will only happen when the dust settles, so we’ll have to wait and see what unfolds as a result.