Zombies in Black Ops 4’s Blackout will only be in Certain Locations

Treyarch’s Black Ops 4 Blackout stream revealed an important detail about how zombies will behave in the new battle royale mode.

Zombies will not be running around on the entire Blackout map.

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According to David Vonderhaar, a developer at Treyarch, AI-controlled zombies will only exist in sections of the Blackout map that are based on maps from Zombie modes. He left no gray area when discussing the subject

Zombies spawn in Zombies destinations, and only Zombies destinations…. zombies spawn in Zombies destinations. Shocking!

Fortunately for Zombies fans, there are a lot of Zombies destinations on the Blackout map.

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Vonderhaar quickly listed off some of the destinations Zombies fans can expect to see.

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The Lighthouse is in the bottom corner of the map, there’s also Asylum itself and there’s also the Boxing Ring and the Diner.

The Lighthouse is from the Black Ops map Call of the Dead, while Asylum goes back even further to World at War, where it was the main fixture on the Verruckt map.

The Boxing Ring was in Shadows of the Damned from Black Ops 3 and played an important part in solving the map’s Easter Egg. Rounding out the trilogy is the Diner from Black Ops 2.

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Players who want to drop into the zombie infested areas will be rewarded with special loot, including the Ray Gun and Monkey Bombs.

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