YouTuber calculates cost to buy everything in Black Ops 4 and it’s ridiculous


A YouTuber has calculated just how much it would cost to buy every item in Call of Duty Black Ops 4, and the final figure will almost definitely surprise you.

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Like most games nowadays, microtransactions are prevalent in the latest Call of Duty release, Black Ops 4, with players able to purchase CoD points in order to buy cosmetic items to make their character look unique.

While this business model is present in most other games, one YouTuber sought to find out exactly how much it would cost to buy every single item in BO4, given it cost around $60 to buy in the first place, or $100 if you bought the Black Ops pass too.

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TREYARCHBlack Market items can be purchased using CoD points.
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Popular YouTuber eColiEspresso
did the maths, collecting the price of every single item and bundle in Black Ops 4, to reveal how much a player would have to pay in order to add all of them to their collection.

They found that it would cost a staggering $1,324.28 in order to purchase every item that Treyarch have added to the game – and that’s not including any reserve case purchases, but only items available for direct purchase in the Black Market.

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The figure is 22x the amount of the base game, leaving CoD fans on Reddit to vent their frustrations.

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One fan suggested that action should be taken against the developer, stating their current business model was “very anti-consumer” while another labelled the grand total as “disgusting”.

Other players highlighted that games such as Fortnite had a microtransaction system that didn’t affect the game’s core mechanics, while Black Ops 4 has weapons locked behind supply drops meaning they are hard to obtain without spending money.

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With Black Ops 4 already offering players an exclusive Captain Price blackout item for pre-ordering the next game in the franchise, Modern Warfare, it seems that microtransactions are here to stay in Call of Duty.

We can only hope that cosmetic items are cheaper to purchase when the game officially releases on October 25.

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