You can shoot through some of the rocks on the Blackout map

It appears that some of the rocks on the map of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale mode are soft enough to shoot through.

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While nearing the end of a Blackout match, Twitch streamer ‘AFTER_H0URS’ was eliminated by an enemy player, despite having been behind the safety of one of the boulders in the desert terrain.

Confused, the streamer went to look at the kill-cam to see the elimination from the enemy player’s perspective, and surely enough, he had been shot straight through the rock.

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“I need to watch my kill-cam, dude I swear to God I got shot through a rock,” he said. “Wait, no, guys. Somebody clip that. He deadass just shot me through that entire rock.”

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The most amazing thing about the whole sequence was the fact that the streamer had armor equipped, and yet the opponent was able to cleanly eliminated him without hardly missing a shot.

In fact, judging by the amount of bullets it took to eliminate him, it was almost as if the rock had barely been there at all, and it was just a straight up gunfight. 

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It’s not clear whether this is just a glitch and a mechanics flaw, or if the developers intentionally made some rocks soft enough to shoot through, although the former seems to be the more plausible explanation.

Regardless, this is definitely something worth noting, and until Treyarch directly acknowledge and address this issue, players should always try to spam bullets through rocks if they see enemy players hiding behind them. 

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