xQc explains why Warzone mantling is broken with hilarious IRL demo

Activision / Twitch: xQc

Popular Twitch streamer Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has given a visual explanation of how and why the mantling system in new Call of Duty battle royale Warzone is so broken – with hilarious results.

Warzone released on Tuesday, March 10 as a free-to-play battle royale title, with Modern Warfare owners getting exclusive early access. It has become an immediate hit with players, bringing new layers to the BR genre and making sure it feels fresh.

However, there are obviously some pains and awkward issues with the game, and one xQc has decided to speak out on is mantling, be it through windows, building, walls or various other terrains.

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Warzone is being widely-praised by the average player and streamers alike.

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“Sometimes,” he says, “you hop over an obstacle and boom, easy,” acting out the leap his player model takes to jump over certain objects or obstacles in his way.

Then, though, he moves on to issues he has mantling over small rocks. Standing at the foot of his bed, he reenacts his character trying to mantle over a rock on the ground, crawling and flailing but not actually moving anywhere.

Finally getting up and returning to his desk, xQc simply asked: “What the f**k is happening with the game?” while waiting for his teammates to redeploy him.

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Obviously, with the game still so new, there are bound to be issues that Infinity Ward will need to address and iron out, but it has been relatively bug-free and there haven’t been any major causes for concern, which is a particularly impressive feat.

That said, there have been some issues in the game including a glitch that allows players to stay in the gas permanently, something Infinity Ward rolled out a hotfix for as quickly as possible on March 12.

Of course, the mantling could still do with some improvement, but it’s not particularly game-breaking at this moment in time – though it might have broken xQc.

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