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XclusiveAce reveals insanely broken camera angles in Modern Warfare

Published: 9/Nov/2019 11:19 Updated: 9/Nov/2019 11:29

by Joe Craven


Popular Call of Duty YouTuber TheXclusiveAce has shed some light on another issue in Modern Warfare, this time regarding player perspectives and camera angles in-game. 

Following Modern Warfare’s October 25 release date, there have been numerous patches released to address small bugs and inconsistencies players have been discovering. November 8 saw the release of the 1.07 patch notes which nerfed claymores and the infamous 725 shotgun. 

However, in a November 8 YouTube video, TheXclusiveAce drew attention to a more serious issue in Modern Warfare – relating to “broken angles” and inaccurate player perspectives.

Infinity WardThe 725 was finally nerfed on November 8.

Ace describes the issues as “another big problem with Modern Warfare”, explaining that it was discovered by his girlfriend Enya. 


While playing Gun Runner, Enya is hiding behind one of the metal crates located towards ‘C’ flag. She is clearly obscured from sight by the metal crate, and cannot see any approaching enemies. 

However, an enemy quickly takes her out with the killcam revealing that she was clearly visible, despite being ostensibly hidden by the metal crate. 

Ace says he initially considered it as “some of the most extreme peeker’s advantage I’ve ever seen in Call of Duty”. He then clarifies this, explaining it to be a serious camera angle issue in Modern Warfare. 

The problem is then magnified by Ace, who goes into a private lobby to demonstrate the incredible extent to which the issues can benefit players. 


While one player is almost entirely visible, with over half of their character model showing, the alternate player’s perspective fails to see the enemy at all. 

This obviously presents a massive advantage to the player who can see their enemy, particularly in a game with fast TTK (time to kill). 

YouTube: TheXclusiveAceThe split-screen perspectives provided by Ace show the extent of the issues.

The problem is also evident on numerous maps, including Gun Runner and Hackney Yard. Ace explains the issues stems from the fact that character models don’t have two eyes, but one perspective stemming from a single origin.

A temporary way of dealing with it is to not stand too close to cover, particularly if an enemy is anticipated to be around the corner.


Regardless of the reasons behind it, players will want to see a quick patch in order to minimise its impact in-game.