Wuskin Fails Hilariously While Attempting to Return a Flag

Bradley ‘wuskiN’ Marshall had a blooper to forget while playing against compLexity in Stage 2 of the Call of Duty World League.

Fall damage can play a part in Call of Duty: WW2, provided you can get high enough into the air without a jetpack, and wuskiN found that out the hard way while trying to return the flag in CTF.

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While trailing 2-1, wuskiN almost became a hero as the last player standing on his team, picking up a nice double to stop coL from capping a third flag.

The flag still needed to be returned and wuskiN dramatically dived off the top of the bridge to get it.

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He came up just shy and the fall damage was enough to kill him, hilariously close to his goal.

The casters could not hold back their laughter as the stream stayed on his body a little longer than usual.

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To make matters even worse, compLexity spawned near Cabin and easily picked up the flag for their third cap.

UNILAD would go on to lose the CTF map by a score of 3-2, making wuskiN’s dive a little less funny to the EU squad at the time.

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Hopefully they can appreciate the fail now, since UNILAD would recover to win the Hardpoint and take the series 3-1.

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UNILAD is now in third place in Division B, only a half game behind Rise Nation and OpTic for first place.