Is Wuskin the best Modern Warfare player?

After a hot start to the Call of Duty League season, Bradley ‘wuskin’ Marshall has led London Royal Ravens’ campaign, but is he the best Modern Warfare player right now?

Wuskin makes one-half of the Marshall twins. After a solid rookie season on Black Ops 3, his brother, Matthew ‘Skrapz’ Marshall, brought wuksin onto his team for the Infinite Warfare season.

The 22-year-olds flew the Fnatic banner on European soil, but the team fell short at the 2017 CWL World Championships after their somewhat underwhelming season. Bradley, on the other hand, had many talking about him leading into World War II.

Wuskin playing for UNILAD Esports.MLG
Wuskin’s breakout year landed him a spot on UNILAD Esports.

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However, the narrative was much the same during WWII. Fast-forward to the Black Ops 4 season and a rejuvenated wuskin found himself in good company under the Team Reciprocity banner.

Together with Zach ‘Zed’ Denyer, Wuskin led Reciprocity to a hard-earned third-place finish at CWL Fort Worth and a 5-6 finish at the 2019 CWL World Champs.

While there were no tournament wins for Marshall in 2019, the youngster showed that he could stand on his own two feet — away from his brother’s guidance.

Wuskin playing for Team Reciprocity. MLG
Wuskin caught the eyes of many during the BO4 season.

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Now reunited with Skrapz on home soil, wuskin has been leading the Royal Ravens’ CDL charge. After an outstanding Launch Weekend, London’s main AR netted himself another memorable performance during his team’s homestand.

Despite coming up short in a thrilling five-game semifinal match against Dallas Empire, Marshall proved that Minnesota’s performance wasn’t just a blip.

Having arguably earned back-to-back MVPs in the opening two CDL events, wuskin is really stepping into his own on Modern Warfare.