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When will vehicles return to Warzone?

Published: 8/Sep/2020 11:21 Updated: 8/Sep/2020 21:09

by Connor Bennett


Vehicles are still absent from the streets of Verdansk and Call of Duty Warzone after being temporarily disabled. So, here’s what we know about when they could return. 

For the most part, Call of Duty Warzone follows the same formula as other battle royale titles – drop in, loot up, and try to be the last player or team remaining. Though, there are few different wrinkles with vehicles and contracts. 

Since the battle royale launched back in March, vehicles have played a vital role in rotating to the next safe zone, driving from loot box to loot box, or just running over enemies in order to pick up eliminations.


However, after a game-breaking exploit reared its head, the vehicle were “temporarily” disabled on September 5 – meaning you have to traverse Verdansk on foot. So, here’s what we know about their potential return. 

warzone helicopter
Infinity Ward
The vehicles are key cogs in Warzone.

When are vehicles coming back in Warzone?

As noted, the devs stated that the vehicles were being disabled “temporarily” starting on September 5. As of writing on September 8, vehicles have officially returned to Verdansk. 

The vehicles were re-added to the game during this week’s playlist update, which also saw the addition of a new operator, 50v50 Rumble, and more.

Despite being a part of the weekly update, the developers confirmed the news over it’s official Twitter account, something fans didn’t expect.


The return of vehicles is certainly a welcome one, as they have been a part of the game since the very beginning. Still, some people liked the removal of them, so those people will certainly be disappointed to see them re-added.

Given the fact that they have been re-added to the game, this will more than likely be the last update, but just in case, keep it locked to Dexerto for any futher developments.