When are Leaderboards and Combat Record coming to Black Ops 4?

Calum Patterson

There is growing impatience among Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 players about the lack of certain features which were expected much earlier after the game’s launch, namely global leaderboards and ‘Combat Records’ – so when can we expect these features to finally be added?

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Back in 2010, the first ever entry into the Black Ops series came with the all new ‘combat record’ (giving in-depth player statistics) at launch, and it has featured, in one form or another, in every Call of Duty title since.

So too have global leaderboards, but yet Black Ops 4 has neither of these features nearly six months after launch, and players are not happy about it.

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October 13 blog post from Treyarch – but no leaderboards or combat records were added ‘next week’.

Fans on the official Black Ops 4 subreddit are pointing to a post made on the Call of Duty community blog on October 13, launch weekend for Black Ops 4, which stated that both leaderboards and combat record were coming “next week”.

‘Next week’ came and went, but leaderboards and combat record did not. With the lack of combat record, many players turned to third party stat tracking websites – but it appears Treyarch/Activision have made an effort to prevent these websites from gaining access to the API.

This has made players even more incensed, and demands for answers over these ‘missing’ features have grown more vitriolic, with some fans suggesting it is killing off the once loyal player-base.

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When will Global Leaderboards be added to Black Ops 4?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that everyone at Treyarch actually thinks they are coming at all. 

David Vonderhaar, studio design director and, for many, the face of the studio, was not aware of the October 13 blog post that said leaderboards and combat record were coming the ‘next week’.

In a reply to a reddit thread, Vonderhaar asked that users “link me the post/article/place where Treyarch told us at launch that combat records and leaderboards are coming next week?” – stating he isn’t aware of everything the studio says.

He also explained that global leaderboards are not planned, although plans can be subject to change.

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When will Combat Record be added to Black Ops 4?

Since that initial October 13 blog post, there has been complete silence on ‘combat records’ from Treyarch.

This is both surprising and disappointing, as it appears there are no plans to add a more in-depth combat record at all, with the basic stats such as playtime, EKIA/D and Win/Loss ratio all that is currently available.

These are the only statistics players can see in Black Ops 4 currently

It’s also unclear why Treyarch have made this decision to leave out combat records (so far). It was their own brilliant idea in the original Black Ops, and was improved upon in both Black Ops 2 and Black Ops III.

There are frequent posts, almost daily on the Black Ops 4 subreddit, all demanding that an update on combat records and leaderboards is given, but Treyarch is remaining tight lipped.

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Fans in the Black Ops 4 subreddit are becoming increasingly impatient.

When new information about Leaderboards and Combat Record is revealed, we will update this post.