What are the best guns to use in Black Ops 4 multiplayer?

Call of Duty’s classic multiplayer mode returns stronger than ever in Black Ops 4, featuring the high-octane firepower than fans have come to expect from the first-person shooter.

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As is the norm in CoD, you select your weapons and class setups before the match starts, so it’s important to make sure you’re geared out correctly before you head into the virtual battlefield.

Thanks to the multiplayer beta that took place during the summer, fans of the franchise had a decent idea about what weapons they should be using in the full release. 

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However, in the time since the beta, Treyarch have been working on balancing weapons and have made a few changes to some of the guns you may have been using.

With that being said, here’s a guide to the weapons you should be using in Black Ops 4 multiplayer:


The ICR-7 is the first assault rifle available in Black Ops 4, and with the attachments it can also be one of the best. While the gun has one of the lower damage rates in its class, along with a medium rate of fire, the accuracy of the ICR-7 is what makes it so dangerous. Add Grip II to the weapon, and recoil essentially disappears.

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Saug 9mm

With an incredibly high rate of fire, the Saug 9mm can take down opponents in quick fashion. This submachine gun is ideal for close quarters combat, as the weapon’s damage can take a significant knock over distance.


This sniper rifle deals slightly less damage than the Paladin, but makes up for its flaws with a speedy bolt-action mechanism, alongside a quick aim-in time. This sniper is perfect for players who want to be aggressive with their gameplay, while still being powerful enough for those who would rather take their time with their shots. 

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Unlocked at multiplayer Level 37, the VAPR-XKG is the ultimate hybrid between an assault rifle and a submachine gun. The weapon’s high rate of fire, alongside it’s best-in-class mobility, makes it dominant at close range, while the high accuracy means it’s still a force to be reckoned with at medium range.

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The first SMG available in the game, the MX9 is a popular weapon choice due to its high rate of fire. The weapon also has the highest damage score in its category, but it comes at the price of a sometimes unpredictable recoil pattern.

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Auger DMR

This tactical rifle has the highest damage rate in its class, and adding FMJ and High Caliber makes it an incredibly powerful gun. Unfortunately, the weapon is semi-automatic, meaning it will only fire as fast as you can pull the trigger, and gives players slightly less mobility than a normal AR.

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Maddox RFB

The Maddox’s incredibly high rate of fire makes the assault rifle a popular weapon in Blackout, and that carries over into the multiplayer portion of the game. The Maddox is brilliant at taking opponents down quickly, making it a popular alternative for players that tend to favor submachine guns, but it’s best to avoid the Echo Fire operator mod which actually increases the recoil of the weapon.

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