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Warzone players demand simple feature to combat hackers

Published: 29/Mar/2020 13:08

by Andy Williams


Call of Duty: Warzone has taken the battle royale genre by storm, but hackers have been plaguing Infinity Ward’s cross-platform title, so players have put out a call-to-arms to combat those pesky cheaters. 

Despite Warzone getting off to a hot start and going toe-to-toe with Apex Legends in terms of its player count, it’s not been completely smooth sailing.

From the notorious gas mask animation glitch to self-revive being bugged since the March 26 update, Infinity Ward have had various issues to take care of in their novel take on a battle royale.

Player wearing a gas mask in Call of Duty: Warzone.
The awkward gas mask animation has infuriated plenty of players while in a gunfight.

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However, perhaps the most enraging issue at the top of all Warzone players’ snag list, is the prominent threat of hackers.


Cheaters have been plaguing Verdansk more and more, essentially becoming the talk of the town and ruining players’ experience in the mode.

Yet at present, there is very little players can do to combat hackers, as they seemingly become more prevalent.

This has led to multiple requests on the Warzone subreddit for Infinity Ward to add an in-game reporting feature.

We need a report button! Died suspiciously in the gulag and decided to spectate for a bit. from CODWarzone

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One fan even suggested that players should be ‘shadow banned’ (where players are prohibited from playing without knowing) from regular servers and pitted against one another.

While another player proposed that cheaters should be hardware banned as an expensive consequence for continuing to ruin players’ experience. Because Warzone is free-to-play, it’s easy for hackers just to move from one account to the next, if they are banned.


However, as of right now, there is no direct way to blow the whistle on a suspected cheater through a report system, meaning they are often getting away scot-free.

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Message in Call of Duty after getting Warzone victory.
Players have been cheating their way to wins in Warzone.

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While Infinity Ward continues to work on a plethora of minor issues in Warzone, there is becoming a more pressing need to abolish hackers from the game.

Cheaters are considered the final boss of online gaming. And with Warzone being a free-to-play, cross-platform title, Verdansk is quite literally becoming a stomping ground for those looking to swindle their way to victory.