Warzone July 1 update brings three key changes for Fortune’s Keep map

Bill Cooney
Fortune's Keep from Warzone
Raven Software

A Warzone update has brought some key changes to the new Fortune’s Keep map as players in the U.S. prepare for a long weekend of gaming.

Fortune’s Keep was introduced as part of Season 4 on June 22, along with the Mercenaries of Fortune update. While the map has proven to be a popular new addition, players have had some complaints on the new stage.

On July 1, Raven set an update live in an attempt to try and fix some of these issues. We’ve got the full rundown on the update right here.

Fortune’s Keep will get more Buy Stations

Fortune's Keep Warzone
Buy Stations, or a lack thereof, were a major complaint from players after dropping into Fortune’s Keep for the first week.

One of the biggest complaints from players about the new map was a lack of Buy Stations spread throughout the map.

The July 1 update might not be the most massive we’ve seen, but it will try to rectify this issue by adding more Buy Stations across the map.

This should make it easier to grab your loadout without having to go on a wild goose chase to actually find a shop.

Speaking of buying your loadout, the Firesale Public Event will now happen in Circle 3.

Warzone gameplay
Buy Stations should be easier to find on Fortune’s Keep after the update.

Warzone Fortune’s Keep July 1 Patch notes

Below are the full patch notes for the July 1 Fortune’s Keep update in Warzone:

  • The Firesale Public Event will now happen in Circle 3.
  • Cash Extraction Chopper can now appear in Circles 2 and 4.
  • More Buy Stations will appear across the map.