Warzone Deployable Covers have a lot more hidden uses than you’d think

Theo Salaun
Infinity Ward

Deployable Covers are probably Warzone’s least exciting Field Upgrades, but Call of Duty players are discovering some new uses that might make the item much more intriguing across Verdansk. 

Portable cover is useful, but it’s limited and often doesn’t feel worth it compared to finding normal, static cover. These deployable sheets of metal can be destroyed and make you an easy victim, should you try putting one down midfight. While we already knew that they can be used for movement innovation, recent clips have shown their capacity to help against vehicles and campers. 


The ladder trick is great and a niche, unexpected way to surprise enemies – but that’s not the only way to get a leg up (pun intended) on your opponents using a Deployable Cover. 

As shown by former professional player and current Call of Duty League on-air talent, Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler, a Deployable Cover can also be used to block off a doorway. While his clip is a little weird, as the enemy is able to comfortably shoot through the closed door somehow, blocking the door off suggests intriguing upside.


NAMELESS’ clip means Deployable Covers have the potential to be used in both aggressive and defensive manners. On the offensive, players can block off potential doorway exits to surprisingly trap campers more effectively.

Meanwhile, on the defensive, deploying those useful sheets of metal could help someone ensure enemies only have limited ways of reaching them, should they decide to camp a room out. Deployable Covers last 10 minutes, so one could theoretically finish three Most Wanted contracts with ease in that time.

The third use for this field upgrade is also quite inventive. As shown by ‘xiMontyx’ on Reddit, a Deployable Cover can completely stop a vehicle in its tracks—halting the zooming pile of dangerous metal and opening up possibilities for your team.


While the vehicle does seem to break the cover, it only does so after being stopped completely. This means opponents either need to jump out and fight, or risk being gunned down or C4’d by your team as they try to regain speed.

Trophy Systems and Dead Silences will typically be Warzone’s most appealing Field Upgrades, but these crafty usages for Deployable Covers are worth keeping in mind as players look to get a leg up on their competition in Verdansk.