Warzone controller players demand revert of annoying loadout change

Jacob Hale
Warzone Fortune's Keep vault

Warzone players are demanding a huge revert of the loadout changes implemented at the start of Season 4, calling it “one of the stupidest changes they have ever done.”

Season 4 brought in some significant changes to the Call of Duty battle royale title. Most notably, the introduction of the Fortune’s Keep added something fresh to the game, and has been widely enjoyed by fans since.

However, the reception hasn’t been all positive, with certain changes causing a stir among the community. The most significant of these was to loadout drops, changing the cursor placement so that you automatically hover over your top loadout, rather than the one you selected in the pre-game lobby.

While players were upset at the change at first, one Warzone dev insisted that it will simply become a matter of muscle memory and players will forget about it before long.

That hasn’t happened, though, and players are still incredibly frustrated, as proven in this Reddit post by Putridzzz.

“For them catering to the people ‘Picking the wrong loadout’ is so beyond unbelievable because they had options to make a certain loadout chosen,” they said. “There was nothing wrong with the previous Loadout solution.”

The post has picked up a lot of traction on Reddit, with the comments almost unanimously in agreement that the change needs to be reverted.

“One of the stupidest changes they [have] ever done,” said the top comment on the post. “The problem is not just choosing the wrong loadout, now the biggest problem is when you’re in resurgence, drop on your loadout, and want to take your guns fast but can’t because you need to go down to the middle.”

While some players have suggested to just have your preferred loadouts at the top of the list, others have hit back at that as a solution, saying that they like to have multiple loadouts to choose from, making it much easier if they could just select them in the pre-game lobby.

It’s worth noting, too, that this is only really an issue that affects controller players, so developers Raven Software might be less inclined to change it back since it doesn’t affect a large portion of the playerbase.