Warzone 2 pros mindblown over “cringe” Hollowpoint ammo

Warzone 2 operators in a gunfight.Activision

A trio of Warzone 2 pros ran into a feisty squad that taught them exactly how strong the “cringe” Hollowpoint rounds are in this game.

The Warzone 2 meta is still shaping up in its third week of being available to the public and because it has such an overwhelming amount of customization, not every piece of the game has been thoroughly tested by the community or its top players.

That’s why when pro players TeeP, DougIsRaw, and Symfuhny ran into a squad running the Disabling ammo type they weren’t at all prepared for how good it is in this game compared to the OG Warzone.

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Warzone 2 pros blown away by “cringe” Hollowpoint rounds

The clip in question comes from TeeP’s POV and shows just how big of a wrench Hollow Points can throw into a player’s plans. All it took was a few bullets for the former World Champ to realize that he had absolutely no chance of survival against the squad that was lighting him up.

TeeP was able to make it a little further up the hillside but it didn’t matter at the end of the day. Doug was spectating the entire affair and couldn’t believe what he had seen.

“That was the crippling s**t, dude,” he said in disbelief. “That was cringe…I’m putting that on.”

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This effect was formerly known as Frangible – Disabling in WZ2’s predecessor and the name has stuck in the community even though weapon perk’s didn’t make the jump to the sequel.

The reason it’s so powerful this time around is the change in movement this time around. Players no longer have slide canceling to reset their Tactical Sprint meters, so they’re basically sitting ducks if they get tagged up.

Anyone looking to try it out for themselves will have to slap on Hollowpoint rounds to whichever gun they’d like to test it out with.