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Vonderhaar apologizes to Infinity Ward for SBMM jokes in deleted tweets

Published: 14/Nov/2019 19:34 Updated: 14/Nov/2019 19:36

by Albert Petrosyan


David Vonderhaar made some jokes about skill-based matchmaking in Call of Duty, but then found himself needing to give apologies to several members of Infinity Ward, the developers of Modern Warfare.

Skill-based matchmaking has become on of the hottest topics of discussion among the Call of Duty player-base since the release of the Modern Warfare beta back in mid-September.

Although Infinity Ward have never confirmed or denied its existence in their 2019 title, players are convinced SBMM is very much embedded in the game after several tests were performed by YouTubers and enthusiasts.

It again took centerstage on November 13, when Treyarch’s Studio Design Director David Vonderhaar, one of the most recognizable names in CoD, tweeted about it as a joke.

Retweeting a post about the seven-year anniversary of Black Ops 2 release, he tweeted “See. I told you skill-based matchmaking wasn’t evil. (I am teasing. Connection > all, you pub-stomping monsters.)

However, what Vonderhaar intended as a joke was actually taken quite seriously by several Call of Duty players, who immediately began tagging Infinity Ward’s Co-Design Director Joe Cecot and Senior Communications Manager Ashton Williams.

After seeing this, Vonderhaar began to do what many have since perceived to be some “damage control”, as he tweeted out that he wasn’t trying to fire shots at the other developers and was just joking around.

“No, I didn’t know this was a thing and was teasing Jordan,” he explained. “Guess I screwed up. IW matchmaking is insanely good for especially cross-platform. No shots fired. Quote me.”

In another tweet, he wrote: “You are nuts. We all go through this every year and it might be making me mental. IW is connection-based and they have fantastic matchmaking. I’m the one taking notes.”

However, the comments from fans just kept on coming, to the point where the longtime developer decided it was best to delete all of his posts and tweet out an apology directly to Cecot and Williams for the maelstrom of backlash he’d created on Twitter.

“Sorry pals, feel bad,” he wrote. “Guess I am tone deaf, was just teasing Jordan. Regardless of whatever YouTube train someone jumped on, I think it’s fantastic and I’ve never had a problem. The cross-platform situation is no joke and you all slam dunked it.”

It seems that Vonderhaar was simply not caught up on all of the controversy surrounding SBMM when he sent that initial tweet, because it’s certainly been something a lot of players have complained about in Modern Warfare.

The main frustration is that the system puts higher skilled players against each other, meaning that if you’re a good player then you probably will have to constantly be facing tough opposition in public matches, making them less casual and more high-effort.

Call of Duty

How to glitch outside Nuketown ’84 for free kills in Black Ops Cold War

Published: 26/Nov/2020 4:51

by Brad Norton


While Nuketown has appeared in more Call of Duty titles than any other map, the new Black Ops Cold War variant has come with a frustrating issue that allows players to break out of the map.

Nuketown has long been a fan favorite in the CoD franchise. The close-quarters map is chaotic from start to finish as players jump right into the action without having to track enemies down. It’s now in its eighth version, though the new iteration has come with a painful exploit.

If you’ve played on an older version of the map before, you’ll likely know every little nook and cranny. Nuketown ‘84 still has one of these little secrets intact as RC-XD users can race around outside the map on a special path.

Typically, this is a good way to get your explosive buddy across to the other side of the map. It can travel safely and emerge without alerting nearby enemies. However, it turns out players can now access this space as well.

The Nuketown RCXD easter egg trick still works in cold war. :,) from blackopscoldwar

This area has only ever been accessible for the tiny vehicle, until now. Players have discovered a way to break through the traditional boundaries and camp outside of the map for some of the easiest kills you’ll ever see.

From this glitched location, you get a clear line of sight to the side of one of the houses. The most broken part of being here though is that your presence doesn’t have any impact on enemy spawns. They can still appear directly in front of you without realizing, leading to some effortless kills.

Dexerto staff personally encountered this issue while playing on PC. There appears to be a location right at the edge of the playable space that avoids the ‘out of bounds’ instakill effect.

Wedging yourself between some cacti and the fence will keep you alive outside of the map. Obviously, this can be shut down after a few kills once players realize your position. However, it could be too little too late.

Treyarch is yet to address this particular issue. However, something so critical is sure to be fixed in the very near future.

In the meantime, make sure you’re keeping an eye out for pesky enemies well outside the map.