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UYU complete roster overhaul ahead of CWL Finals

Published: 20/Jun/2019 20:20 Updated: 20/Jun/2019 21:07

by Eli Becht


Rosters are being finalized as we head into the home stretch of the Call of Duty World League and here’s our look at the finalized roster of UYU.

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The final roster change period wraps up today, June 20, so now fans are getting a full look at what players are going where as teams are announcing their finalized teams heading into the closing weeks of the season and into the Finals.

UYU announced their completed roster in a tweet and it includes Rasim ‘Blat’ Ogresevic, Renato ‘Saints’ Forza, Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni, Timothy ‘Phantomz’ Landis, and Nicholas ‘Classic’ DiCostanzo with Ricky ‘Atura’ Atura as the coach. 


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This is a major roster shakeup as just Methodz remains from the previous roster from CWL Anaheim, meaning there will be a lot of on-the-fly learning by the players as they grow accustomed to playing with each other.

UYU is coming off a poor performance at Anaheim, finishing 13-16th, so having so many moves might be surprising, but not entirely out of the blue.

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The conclusion to this roster period only lasted three days instead of the usual two weeks, meaning UYU had some huge decisions to make about their roster.

Going for a near complete overhaul is a pretty bold move and it’ll be interesting to see how it works out for them going forward. It takes some time to grow acquainted to just one teammate but it’s even harder for a whole team to find a groove in such a short amount of time.


With the weak showing at Anaheim, there’s really nowhere to go but up for the team and we’ll see if these moves are worth it once the CWL Finals begin in Miami July 19-21.

UYU Final Roster

  • Blazt
  • Saints
  • Methodz
  • Phantomz
  • Classic