Treyarch respond after Nadeshot and Priestahh highlight specialist “glitch” at CWL Champs 2019

Instagram: Nadeshot, Priestahh/CWL

Treyarch Gameplay Designer Tony Flame has responded to a debate surrounding Ruin’s Gravity Slam in Black Ops 4, after 100 Thieves were the victims of a bizarre incident at CWL Champs 2019

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100 Thieves were playing Luminosity Gaming in the Winners Bracket Round 1, in a clash of two juggernauts that many expected to see later in the tournament. At 2-1 down, 100 Thieves had their backs against the wall in Frequency Hardpoint. 

The game was tightly contested, but a controversial moment dominated the immediate aftermath, as a Priestahh Gravity Slam failed to kill any Luminosity players, despite seemingly occurring in a packed room.

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Luminosity were 219-170 down, but secured the map’s second hardpoint, as well as spawns. 100 Thieves looked to break around Priestahh’s Gravity Slam, but the specialist ability failed to kill any of the Luminosity players. 

Luminosity held the hardpoint to perfection, cementing the map (and series) win, sending Nadeshot’s organization into the Losers Bracket in a surprising upset. 

However, many were quick to question the incident, arguing that the game glitched and Priestahh should have got numerous kills. 

OpTic Gaming’s CEO, Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez, tweeted that he didn’t understand how it failed to pick up a single kill. “I would like an explanation on that Slam from Priestah,” he said, “even if behind the table, the people to the right weren’t safe… thoughts?” 

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The 100 Thieves player in question, Priestahh, was incensed about the situation, asking “where the fuck did my slam go??”. 

The organization’s founder and CEO Nadeshot, formerly a professional CoD player himself, also claimed that the game “glitched out, 100%”.

Twitter: @Priestahh/@NadeshotPriestahh and Nadeshot tweeted their frustrations.
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The confusion was shared by other community members but Treyarch Gameplay Designer, Tony Flame, responded to try and add some clarity to the situation. 

“The Slam spot did not reach the hallway, if it had, they woulda been gone,” explained Flame. “Looking at the mini-map, it looks like enemies were behind the wall, then jumped out after the slam.” 

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Essentially Flame is arguing that the game did not glitch, but that the table, paired with clever movement on Luminosity’s behalf, prevented the Grav Slam from connecting. 

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Despite the frustration, some community members argued in favor of Flame’s explanation; that Luminosity played it to perfection and 100 Thieves were scrambling for excuses. 

The match saw 100 Thieves fall into the Losers Bracket surprisingly early on, but they remain in the $2 million tournament after an incredible reverse sweep of FaZe Clan. 

They kick off their Saturday against a team currently in the Winners Bracket, while Luminosity start against Team Reciprocity, the roster that knocked FaZe Clan into the Losers Bracket. 

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